Building on the Progress of our Civil Rights Leaders to Create a Better Tomorrow

I just got back from the annual Jefferson Jackson dinner, which commemorated fifty years of progress in the civil rights movement. It was a symbolic night for me, surrounded by friends and colleagues, as we discussed the importance of those who had the courage to stand up against oppression in order to move our Commonwealth forward.

At the event, Senator Warner paid tribute to many of the leaders in the civil rights movement here in Virginia, including his personal hero Barbara Johns.

Ms. Johns was a woman with immense courage who walked out of her segregated school to protest the unfair conditions for African-Americans. Her actions helped to lead to the historic decision of Brown v. Board of Education, a case that provided an important reminder to our country that we are all created equal.
But as much as we have progressed in terms of inclusion and equality, I appreciate that Senator Warner understands that there is still more work to be done. As Senator Warner reminded us tonight, in Virginia sometimes after we take a step forward we may take two steps back. 

We still must work to support our LGBT brothers and sisters and we must continue to push for equal pay for equal work.  Senator Warner gets it. To move Virginia forward and honor the legacy of those in the civil rights movement, we must put forward polices both in Virginia and nationwide that provide every person with an opportunity to succeed, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

We’ve made a lot of progress in Virginia. But there’s still more to be done – and that’s why we are working together towards victory in November. Together, we can build upon the progress of these civil rights leaders who, fifty years ago, so courageously fought every day to create a better tomorrow. 

- Keyanna Conner, Political Director

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