Virginia's Senator


The Clear Winner

From the time Senator Warner stepped on stage at Tuesday’s Fairfax Chamber debate until the lights turned off, it was clear that he was the overwhelming winner of the second Virginia senatorial debate.

This debate highlighted Senator Warner’s clear message for our country and our Commonwealth – that everyone should be able to get a fair shot at success. That means that no matter where you come from, what your last name is, or who you love, you deserve the opportunity to succeed.

It’s a powerful message. Because it’s about making sure that you are given a chance; the ability to have an affordable education and a fair shot at the American Dream. It’s Senator Warner’s story, and it is also my story.

Question after question, Senator Warner provided the best answers at Tuesday’s debate for how we can continue to create jobs and provide economic security and opportunity in Virginia.

He reiterated his strong support for the recent landmark decisions that finally ensure marriage equality for all Virginians.

Senator Warner also hit a homerun as he spoke about his efforts to curb sequestration (or “stupidity-on-steroids”) by working with Republicans and Democrats on needed reforms. He continued to impress as he discussed his long record of working to reduce our nation’s debt and deficit through commonsense reforms.

Meanwhile, his opponent Ed Gillespie said little besides tired, petty, and partisan rhetoric that showcased his support for soundbites rather than solutions.

Virginians need someone who can take on the tough issues and be a problem solver in Washington. With the vision he laid out for his next six years in the Senate, it was evident that Senator Warner won Tuesday’s debate hands down. Let’s continue to fight for him because he’s fighting for all Virginians!

Justin E. Fairfax
Campaign Co-Chair

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