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“I come in everyday so that I can do my part to help re-elect Senator Warner”

As a retired librarian, I have been volunteering in Virginia elections for quite awhile now. In the process, I have met many likeminded volunteers.

Sixteen of us have banded together over the years to offer “front desk” services as a turnkey package. While I often joke about needing a raise, I am proud to note that over the years we have staffed the front desk of our favorite candidates going at least as far back as John Kerry and Jim Webb.

After taking a break from a few elections, I felt the need to re-join the team and get involved in Senator Warner’s re-election campaign. Knowing I can help the cause with more than just a vote makes me feel like an integral part of this energized campaign.

I like coming in and volunteering because the Warner campaign staff — like many before it — is full of young, energetic, smart and genuinely nice people. In the office, the nonstop collegial teamwork is something I wish I had in my 45 year working career! And of course it is only indicative of the race that Senator Mark Warner is going to run: one grounded in productive teamwork.

Our current senior senator proves over and over that his concept of governing embodies fundamental values of fairness, opportunity, leadership and bipartisan progress. These are all values I care deeply about. I come in everyday so that I can do my part to help re-elect Senator Warner. The work we do as a team, well … that is my compensation!

Reception Volunteer

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