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“I decided that I should get involved with Senator Warner’s campaign”

I come from a strongly Republican family, but I have always appreciated those who are willing to put party ideology aside and reach across the aisle to find common ground on issues that matter to Virginians like me. As a student at Virginia Tech, I had heard about Senator Warner’s bipartisan work to reform student debt, encourage small business growth and of course, his work as Governor to get Virginia Tech into the ACC.

After meeting Senator Warner on Tech’s campus during his Tackling Student Debt Tour, I really appreciated that he seemed to understand my financial struggles paying for college. Just as I do now, Senator Warner had to work and take out student loans to finance his degree. So when he talks about the crippling issue of student debt and his bipartisan initiatives to fix it, I know he is someone who really cares. Senator Warner is working across the aisle to change how student manage their loans, and understands how we as a country need to work together to address college affordability.

Since my family owns a small construction business, I also appreciate Senator Warner’s work to further tax credits for small businesses. Like student debt, he understands the importance of advancing this initiative because of his own successes and failures as a small business owner. My family has had plenty of ups and downs during our business’ start and were especially affected by the last housing market decline. Anyone who is willing to stand up for the small, hard working businessman, regardless of party, will definitely have my support and vote.

After seeing his willingness to reach across the aisle on issues extremely important to me and my family – I decided that I should get involved with Senator Warner’s campaign. From now until election day, I will be out knocking on doors and talking to my peers about the importance of voting in this election for Senator Mark Warner.

Sign up here: to join me in supporting Senator Mark Warner this November.

Leann R.

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