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This election is an important one for the Latino community

This election is an important one for the Latino community. We need to get out and vote for officials, like Senator Warner, who support us and will continue to fight for important issues like comprehensive immigration reform.

This issue is a personal one for me. When I was twelve years old I moved to the United States, settling in Northern Virginia. My family is undocumented. We came to this country in search of better opportunities.

As soon as I enrolled in Virginia’s public schools I became active in my local community. By 2013 I extremely involved as a student advocate for the Virginia DREAM Act. Because of my efforts, I was invited to be Senator Warner’s guest at the 2013 State of the Union.
Going to State of the Union was an incredible experience. I am so grateful that Senator Warner took such a bold step to make sure that my story was told to remind the nation that immigration reform needs to happen. This experience has helped to better shape my goals and my passions. But more importantly, his continued support – from his time as governor to now as our senator – means a lot to the Virginia Latino community.

As Governor, Mark Warner knew that in order to really solve the problems facing Latinos in Virginia, he needed to hear from us. He formed Virginia’s first ever Latino Advisory Commission to advise him on how to best address these unique challenges. He made major improvements in effectively delivering education and social services by translating state forms into Spanish and improving bilingual services.

In the Senate he continues to be a champion for our community. His efforts to make college more affordable and to ease the burden of student debt will help minority students who are especially burdened by the high cost of college. Senator Warner believes every student in Virginia deserves a fair shot at success, and he has worked to make that happen, including those Virginians who would qualify under the DREAM Act.

I am grateful for Senator Warner’s unwavering commitment towards passing comprehensive immigration reform. As a business man he understands that this will not only benefit Virginia’s economy, but it is the right thing to do to give all Virginians the opportunity to contribute and succeed.

As I finish up my associate degree at Northern Virginia Community College before I move on to a four-year college, Senator Warner’s willingness to support my dream has fueled me to continue working with my community and my family to achieve the American Dream.

As a Virginian, and as a Latina, I continue to be proud of the work Mark Warner has done for Virginia’s Hispanic community. I am looking forward to celebrating his re-election on November 4th.

Ambar Pinto
Alexandria, Virginia

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