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Fair Shot Tour: Day 5 in Review

Continuing his Fair Shot for All Virginians Tour into day five, Senator Warner stopped in Danville to hold an economic development roundtable.

Speaking with Danville business leaders, Senator Warner discussed the need for commonsense solutions that reduce our national deficit and get our country’s fiscal house in order.

In particular, Senator Warner talked about the troubling statistics on student debt in America, which has reached $1 trillion dollars and has surpassed credit card debt. With his commitment to expanding a fair shot to all, Senator Warner emphasized his work on a bipartisan student loan reform bill, the Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act, that aims to automatically adjust student loan repayments based upon income so that debt repayments are done at a more manageable and affordable pace.

Next up, we took part in an Employee Townhall hosted by Parker Oil. Senator Warner outlined his priorities to further develop workforce training programs, support small businesses, and invest in policies that grow Virginia’s economy.

Senator Warner also spoke about his “all of the above” energy plan and his commitment to advancing energy production through investments in renewable wind and solar energy, clean coal technology and coastal energy exploration.

We then traveled to Dinwiddie, where we had a great meeting with Dinwiddie County community leaders to discuss job growth and economic opportunity. A big thanks to the Honorable Harrison Moody for hosting us!

We ended the night at the 6th Annual National Night Out in Richmond, where Senator Warner spoke about the importance of community members & law enforcement working together to improve safety in our neighborhoods.

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