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First Night in Wise

Senator Warner speaks at UVA-Wise on his Working Together Tour.Wow. What a night.

We just finished up an incredible kickoff in Wise for Senator Warner’s ‘Working Together’ tour. Senator Warner had a chance to talk about the economy, jobs and how we can best keep Southwest moving forward. Southwest has always held a special place in Senator Warner’s heart. From the Crooked Road to the beautiful mountains, Senator Warner always feels at home when he’s here in my part of the state.

For folks who could not make it to down to the beautiful Southwest, there were 150 house parties streaming the event live.

All across the state, you could really feel the enthusiasm from our supporters. Virginians are tired of party politics and back-room antics in Washington. They know Senator Warner has always risen above that for the good of the Commonwealth.

Virginians want a leader with a proven track record, who understands their issues and is willing to listen. They want someone who will take some tough votes for the good of the Commonwealth and make independent decisions for the good of our country.

As tonight wraps up, we are looking forward to hitting the road early tomorrow for another day on the “Working Together” Tour.

Hope to see you out there,

Isaac Sarver
Southwest Political Director

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