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Why I’m on #TeamWarner

Meet Melissa T, an incredible volunteer who came out last Saturday to join #TeamWarner.


I volunteered this past weekend to talk to my neighbors about the work Senator Mark Warner is doing to bring down the cost of higher education. As a student at George Mason University, I highly value my education but also do not want to carry the burden of student debt around for the rest of my life.

Senator Warner paid his way through college and took many chances early on in his career. Because of the opportunities he was afforded, I know he understands the importance of lowering economic barriers to education here in Virginia and providing an opportunity for success for my generation. I appreciate the commonsense policies he is working on to make higher education more accessible for all Virginians so we have the ability to start our own businesses, buy our own homes and have our own shot at the American dream.

I will be out this weekend, to celebrate the 100 days until this November’s election and hope you will come out and join me!

-Melissa T.

Inspired by Melissa’s story? Come out and join #TeamWarner for a weekend of action to celebrate 100 days until election day. Click here to sign up. See you out there!

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