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An Intern’s Story: Debbie from Henrico

As a high school student and an intern on Senator Warner’s campaign, some may think it’s unusual that I choose to be so involved in politics at my age. After all, much of politics seems to be weighed down by partisan gridlock and rhetoric.

But it is actually for this reason that I choose to be involved. In today’s political climate, it is absolutely critical that we elect politicians like Senator Mark Warner. I truly believe that Senator Warner is a leader who listens to the people of Virginia and is willing to work across the aisle to enact much needed reforms.

As someone preparing to enter college, I appreciate that Senator Warner understands the effects that the rising costs of higher education have on Virginia families. I know Senator Warner is fighting to ease the burden of student debt for all Virginians. He has proposed a bipartisan series of reforms meant to attack this problem head on and make sure that graduates are able to manage their payments. The cost of a college degree should not outweigh the opportunities it provides.

Senator Warner is fighting for common-sense solutions to the most difficult problems facing the Commonwealth and the country, which is why I chose to get involved on his campaign. This past weekend I knocked on doors in my community and I plan on doing so every weekend through November 4th.

I will continue to support Senator Warner because he is able to focus on issues which are important all of us, while rejecting partisan politics in favor of fighting for real and necessary progress.

Come out and join me and others on Team Warner by signing up today!

Debbie Mayo
Henrico County

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