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“This isn’t just campaign talk.”

On May 28th I joined one of 150 “house parties” across Virginia as Senator Mark Warner kicked off his re-election campaign with his aptly named “Working Together” tour. In this speech he laid out the basis for his vision for our future “making sure people get a fair shot, and making sure we get our fiscal house in order.” Over the last six days he brought his message to every corner of the Commonwealth.

I feel it’s no coincidence the Senator chose to end his tour in the greater Fredericksburg region. In a way the Fredericksburg area is the heart of the Commonwealth, both geographically and historically. In Fredericksburg, he shared concerns he heard from folks around Virginia, and promised to make them his focus, as he continues to represent the Commonwealth in the United States Senate.

I support Senator Warner because he offers something to all Virginians, the ability to get things done by working together–the way we all do in our everyday lives. This isn’t just campaign talk. In the Senate, he has proven time and again, that he is willing to work with his colleagues, regardless of party affiliation, to find a solution to a problem,. For example, his recent work with Darrell Issa on the passage of the Data Act. This Act will enable us to track all taxpayer dollars for federal agencies.

Clearly, Senator Warner wants to make the government functional and effective for all of us. He listens to Virginians and works with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to achieve results.

Today he showed Fredericksburg, and its diverse population, that we are an important part of his goal for a strong Virginia.

Al Durante
Vice Chair, Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee

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