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“I know first hand that Sen. Warner will always work with both sides of the aisle to do what is best for Virginia”

Education has always been an issue I care passionately about. I have devoted much of my life to seeing our Virginia educational system grow stronger year by year; first as a teacher, then as a school principal, and eventually through my roles as chair of the House Education Committee and member on the Virginia Board of Education.

I’ve worked with a lot of politicians during my 32 years in the Virginia House of Delegates. Mark Warner is by far one of the best elected officials I have ever had the honor of serving with. I applaud his commitment to improving Virginia’s educational system, which is why I am reaching across the aisle to support Senator Mark Warner’s re-election.

I will never forget Mark Warner’s leadership in the 2004 budget negotiations and the enormous gains he helped to win for Virginia’s public schools. When many thought compromise was not possible, Mark Warner was the one to reach across the aisle and work with all those at the table so that we were able to negotiate a bipartisan budget that lead to the biggest funding increase for K-12 education in the history of our Commonwealth.

These are investments that to this day still support our students, teachers, schools and communities.

Mark Warner’s time in the Senate has mirrored his strong record of bipartisanship that he was well-known for as governor.

His recent efforts with Senator Marco Rubio and their joint bill to help students and families better understand the cost of higher education is just another instance of Senator Warner’s core belief that education in Virginia and across this country should be accessible to all.

I know first hand that Sen. Warner will always work with both sides of the aisle to do what is best for Virginia. I am pleased to support him in his re-election this November because I know he will keep moving our school system and our Commonwealth forward.

Jim Dillard
Republican former Delegate

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