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“Mark Warner has always been a friend to our small business community”

This week I had the opportunity to join Senator Warner at a roundtable discussion with women business leaders in Norfolk. As the former Vice Chair of then-Governor Warner’s Small Business Advisory Council I have seen firsthand Senator Warner’s steadfast commitment to our small business community here in Hampton Roads and across the Commonwealth.

Senator Warner began our session discussing the major role women entrepreneurs play in business. In fact, women business owners represent 30% of small businesses in the US.

It was good to hear that Senator Warner is working to make sure that women business owners have access to financing. Senator Warner highlighted his successful crowdfunding legislation, which provides access to diverse funding streams. He also discussed the need to find alternative methods to expand capital access programs that further business development in Hampton Roads.

Senator Warner highlighted the importance of authorizing the Export-Import Bank, which has supported almost $400 million in exports in Virginia this year alone. While the Bank has a temporary extension, I agree with Senator Warner that Congress needs to work together to pass a long term re-authorization so that the Bank can keep supporting port related jobs and small businesses vital to Hampton Roads and Virginia.

As a woman small business owner myself, I found our discussion extremely productive. It was clear throughout our talk that Mark Warner has never stopped caring about working to advance the diversity of our business community. In addition to regularly hosting roundtable discussions like the one I just attended, Senator Warner will be hosting the 2014 Virginia’s Women Business Conference this November.

I believe strongly that in order to move Virginia forward, we need officials who understand the importance of investing in our small business community and who work to find solutions to the issues we face on a daily basis. Since his time in public office, Senator Mark Warner has done just that. I look forward to supporting Mark Warner this November, because Mark Warner has always been a friend to our small business community.

Louisa Strayhorn
Virginia Beach

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