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“Mark Warner has always been responsive to the needs of Virginia sheriffs”

Today, I am pleased to join 62 of my fellow sheriffs in support of Senator Warner’s re-election. Senator Warner has been a true friend to law enforcement for more than a decade and we believe he is the best candidate to help us protect Virginia communities. I believe that it is because of Mark Warner’s strong record that a majority of sheriffs in Virginia have chosen to endorse him for another six-year term in the Senate.

As governor during tough fiscal times, Mark Warner worked to ensure that the budget continued to fund initiatives that strengthened our ability to keep Virginians safe. I appreciate that Senator Warner continues to listen to our concerns and work with us to foster stronger community partnerships across the Commonwealth.

It is not surprising that sheriffs from across the political spectrum have come together in support of Senator Warner. He is truly a bipartisan problem-solver who continually listens to the concerns of law enforcement and looks out for the best interests of all Virginians, not just one political party.

His work both in the governor’s mansion and in the Senate has helped strengthen public safety in Virginia. As governor, Mark Warner worked with Republicans and Democrats to pass a bipartisan budget that helped to fund salaries for local police departments and sheriff’s deputies. He also worked to better help first responders communicate, investing in the Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) and establishing a statewide AMBER Alert System.

His efforts to support sheriffs and public safety officials has not stopped there. Once in the Senate, Mark Warner joined elected officials in announcing millions of dollars in law enforcement grants. As the most senior elected sheriff in the Commonwealth, I have seen how these investments in crime prevention and public safety programs have gone a long way in protecting Virginia’s communities. I appreciate that even in tough economic times, Senator Warner has remained a continued advocate for resources that keep our local law enforcement officers safe.

Mark Warner has always been responsive to the needs of Virginia sheriffs. I believe he is the right man to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

Sheriff Wakie Howard
New Kent County

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