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Mark Warner is Committed to Our Military Families & Veterans

I have had the privilege of working closely with Mark Warner as Governor and now as our U.S. Senator. As the wife of Lewis B. Puller, Jr, Marine Corps Lieutenant and daughter of Col. Robert Todd, Sr., US Army, I have always appreciated Mark Warner’s commitment to military families and veterans. This is not something that gets trotted out on the campaign trail and then tucked back in a box. His commitment to the military and veterans is real.

There is one example that stands out in my mind—his actions surrounding the shocking affairs at Arlington National Cemetery in 2010.

This issue is deeply personal to me, as both my husband and father are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Senator Warner understands that while this is a national treasure, for myself, and many families, it’s the final resting place of our loved ones. Families deserve to know soldiers’ remains are treated with respect and are where they’re supposed to be.

Mark Warner didn’t just stand in front of news cameras wagging a finger at cemetery officials, but leaped into action. He convinced the Northern Virginia Technology Council to get involved and work with ANC at no cost to the taxpayers, and now, four years later, the Inspector General of the Army says the cemetery is “transformed into a top-notch institution.”

Mark knows that sometimes the right thing to do is to put politics aside and work together to achieve the best possible outcomes. He knows that at the end of the day his actions affect Virginian families like mine, a charge that he takes both personally and seriously. That’s a rare commodity in Washington these days and it makes me proud to support him as our Senator.

Senator Toddy Puller

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