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“You need to find common ground with those you may not agree with.”

I am a long time resident of Northern Virginia and I am a small business owner.

This November, I am supporting Mark Warner because I know I can count on him to help create new businesses here in Virginia and to provide a strong voice for the Commonwealth in the United States Senate. A thing you learn in this field is that to be able to succeed you need to find common ground with those you may not agree with. It is not always about sticking to your guns, it is in fact more important to be able to work together and do well by your bottom line.

Mark Warner understands this. His success both as governor and as senator is due to the fact that he is a pragmatic, non-ideological, problem-solver. He was the governor who helped Virginia top the list as the best state for doing business, and now he has brought those same pragmatic problem-solving skills to the Senate.

He is the man who is working to make our government more transparent. He is also the Senator who is forging bipartisan coalitions to address our national debt. And he is our advocate on reducing regulations for startups and encouraging innovative funding tools for entrepreneurs.

I have made a pledge to spend this last month knocking on my neighbors’ doors and encouraging everyone who is eligible to vote for Senator Warner. Will you join me? Sign up here:

Gomathi Nagaraj
Owner, Maple Realty

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