Virginia's Senator


A Note From the Road by Senator Warner


Thanks for joining me as I travel around the Commonwealth to discuss the importance of working together. That is truly the Virginia Way. We’ve always worked together to solve problems and find solutions, and I am proud of the success we have had together over the years. But there is still work to be done to make sure every Virginian has a fair shot at success. That’s really what this tour is all about.

I’ve always believed that working together means finding ways to create more jobs, make education and job training more affordable, and provide opportunities for all Virginians to succeed. And I continue to believe we still care about doing what is right for our state and for our country.

We’ve always been able to rise above partisan politics, and that’s why I am going community to community and reaching out to supporters like you and asking you to once again join our effort.

I am always grateful for the support I have had in Virginia going back to my time as Governor. I look forward to seeing you out on the road as we continue working together.

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