Virginia's Senator


Richmond Office Opening

This past Saturday afternoon, we officially opened Sen. Warner’s Richmond campaign office!

Signing In

The room was packed with new and old faces.

Packed House

Sen. Tim Kaine, Rep. Bobby Scott and Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam, as well as other local elected officials, came out to speak in support of Senator Warner’s work to find bipartisan, commonsense solutions.

Senator Warner talked about the need to continue to build our ever-growing grassroots team so that we can come together to support efforts that provide every Virginian with a fair shot at success.

In Senator Warner’s words, “We must keep reaching out, keep working together and keep understanding that we must leave our kids and grandkids with the same opportunity we had.”

We couldn’t agree more. Will you join our grassroots team in this effort? Click here.

Want to hear more of Sen. Warner’s speech at the Richmond Office Opening? Watch his remarks here:

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