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From the road: 38 days until Election Day!

With six weeks to go until election day, we’re spending this gorgeous fall weekend knocking on doors and speaking with lots of voters about what is at stake in this election.

In Roanoke this morning, Senator Warner joined in the retail politicking. He fired-up a roomful of supporters and thanked the enthusiastic crowd of volunteers for continuing to roll-up their sleeves to ensure victory in just 38 days. Senator Warner spoke about his efforts to jumpstart small businesses, fix our nation’s budget and make student debt more manageable for young Virginians.

Senator Warner then headed to Castlewood in Southwest Virginia to attend the United Mine Workers of America Annual Cookout. Mineworkers have long been important allies of Senator Warner, and his friends in Southwest Virginia respect his relentless work as governor and as senator to strengthen educational opportunities and broaden the region’s economy. The fried fish was great and it was good to spend time with so many friends!

The Warner team has a lot of music lovers, so it was fitting that we ended our day at the Crooked Road Music Festival in Abingdon. As Governor, Mark Warner led the effort to create the Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail, and he always makes it a point to promote the region’s rich cultural and artistic heritage when he’s in Southwest Virginia.

Thanks to Senator Warner’s continued support, sites like the Crooked Road and the Round the Mountain trail have become popular tourist destinations, celebrating the unique Appalachian culture while supporting thousands of good jobs. What a fantastic way to end a great day on the trail!

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