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On the Road – Day 4, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Martinsville

We’re more than half way there! Halfway through our tour, that is.

Today, we started off in Lynchburg. For Senator Warner, working together in Lynchburg means solving big issues like investing in our roads, bridges & railroads. Bringing Amtrak service to Lynchburg was just the start. With your support, the Senator is working on making sure we create jobs and provide a quality, affordable education for everyone in Central Virginia and all across the Commonwealth.


In Roanoke, we were joined by a great group of supporters as Senator Warner spoke about reducing student debt and creating jobs.


After Roanoke, we headed to Southside, stopping in Martinsville at the Speedway to talk about economic growth. While we didn’t bring Senator Warner’s NASCAR fire suit this time, it always feels great to be back at the racetrack and supporting a great sport that is such an important part of our culture and economy.


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