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Senator Warner’s Tackling Student Debt Tour Receives Wide Coverage Across Virginia

WVEC: “Warner says student debt crisis isn’t partisan issue” [09/02/2014]

The Blue & Gray Press: “The past week, Warner went on a statewide college tour where he connected directly with students to discuss his plans to fix the nation’s student debt crisis.” [09/04/2014]

NBC 12: “A college education is leaving many students across Virginia owing tens, if not hundreds of thousands….one local politician is calling for change.” [09/02/2014]

Petersburg Progress-Index: “U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., spoke to Virginia State University students about legislation to ease the mounting debt of America’s graduates on a stop in a tour of college campuses to bring attention to the issue.” [09/03/2014]

WTVR: “Sen. Warner pushes for student debt relief plan at VCU” [09/03/2014]

This week, Senator Warner’s Tackling Student Debt Tour stopped on nine college campuses across the Commonwealth. With student debt surpassing credit card debt at $1.2 trillion, Senator Warner met with students to discuss his bipartisan initiatives to make a college degree more affordable. See what they’re saying:

Cavalier Daily: Warner talks student debt during University visit [09/04/2014]
“Sen. Mark Warner, D-VA, came to O’Hill Forum Wednesday as a stop on his Tackling Student Debt Tour, discussing with students the current issues involved with student debt and potential methods of resolution…Warner said the key to resolving issues of student debt will be to make sure families are informed about all of their options. To this end, Warner and Senator Marco Rubio, R-FL, have been working on the Student Right to Know Before You Go Act, which would ensure prospective college students and their parents have better access to comparative data as it relates to higher education programs… Specifics aside, Warner reaffirmed his belief in students’ inherent right to higher education, but said resources are necessary to back the idea.”

Petersburg Progress-Index: Warner talks about tackling student debt [9/03/14]
“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., spoke to Virginia State University students about legislation to ease the mounting debt of America’s graduates on a stop in a tour of college campuses to bring attention to the issue. Warner said that across the aisle solutions were needed to solve a problem that not only impacted students, but affected the economic well being of the nation…”We need more entrepreneurs, but if you have all that debt crushing you, you won’t have the opportunity,” he said…”You shouldn’t go broke if you go to college in America today.”

Collegiate Times: Sen. Warner visits Tech and leads discussion on student debt [9/04/14]
“On Thursday afternoon, Sen. Mark Warner (D) visited Squires Student Center to discuss the current state of student debt management. As part of his statewide campaign tour, Warner is traveling to public and private Virginia universities with the hopes of discussing solutions for the national problem. “Higher education is going to have to get shaken up a little bit,” Warner said.”

The Flat Hat: Warner Talks Student Debt Assistance [9/05/2014]
“Students, community members and a few local politicians gathered in the Sir Christopher Wren Building’s Great Hall Tuesday afternoon on the College of William and Mary campus to hear U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) discuss student loan debt…Warner shared several of his ideas to address the problem of student loan debt, including legislation he has introduced. The three bills Warner focused on are bipartisan efforts, with co-sponsors from across the aisle.”

WTVR: Sen. Warner pushes for student debt relief plan at VCU [09/03/14]
“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D – Virginia) pushed for a student loan debt and relief plan during a visit at VCU on Wednesday…Warner said that immediate plans could include capping tuition repayments at 10 percent of income, paying a pre-tax deducted from employment checks capped at $5,000 and options to refinance loans. “Some of our federally guaranteed loans are actually at pretty decent rates, but some only apply to undergraduates,” Warner said. “If you apply for graduate loans, you might be paying 7, 8 or 9 percent interest rates. If you can get a mortgage for 3 or 4 percent, why shouldn’t you be able to refinance your student debt to mortgage rate loans?”

The Blue & Gray Press: Senator Warner attends office opening, discusses student debt [09/04/2014]
“The past week, Warner went on a statewide college tour where he connected directly with students to discuss his plans to fix the nation’s student debt crisis. “We’re going to crisscross across the state to get as many college campuses. Because both rising tuition and rising amount of student debt are really cutting off a lot of your generation’s chances,” said Warner.”

Virginia Gazette: Warner pitches college debt reform plan to W&M students [9/02/14]
“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner came to the College of William and Mary to talk to students about a topic most know something about — student debt. Warner told them it’s a huge issue, and one that he’s working on…”I had the choice between learning on credit and not leaning at all,” Jakob Deel said. “The debt I’m incurring will make it difficult for me to consider graduate or law school, to buy a house or start a family, to contribute to the economy.” Warner said the issue was so big that it needs to be tackled on several fronts, including keeping college costs down as well as improving federal and state levels of direct aid to colleges and to students.”

WVIR (NBC) – Charlottesville, VA, 09/03/2014 at 6PM


“Student debt in the united states is surpassing credit card debt at 1.2 trillion dollars. And 2014 graduates this spring became the most indebted class ever. Dozens of students filled the observatory hill forum this afternoon to talk about possible solutions to the crisis. Senator Warner said he’s currently working on three bi-partisan bills in the senate. The goals are income-based repayment of student loans, employer assistance in debt repayment, and transparency so that students know as much as possible before they choose a school. But before talking with the students, Warner listened.”

Williamsburg Yorktown Daily: Sen. Warner Talks Student Loan Debt With William & Mary Students [09/03/14]
“U.S. Sen. Mark Warner visited the College of William & Mary on Tuesday to talk student loan debt and the bills he has introduced to try to reform practices at the university and the federal level that contribute to the $1.2 trillion in student loans currently on the books. The stop was part of his Tackling the Student Debt Tour, a three-day run involving numerous higher education institutions in the state. He shared details on the legislation he has introduced and then answered questions from William & Mary students in the audience, many of whom focused on how legislation could emerge from a politically gridlocked Washington, D.C.”

WAVY: Sen. Warner holds talk at ODU on student debt crisis [9/02/14]
“Senator Mark Warner gave a lesson on college affordability at Old Dominion University Tuesday morning. With student borrowing on the rise, the average college student graduates with about $30,000 in debt. So, 10 On Your Side stopped by the senator’s talk on tackling the student debt crisis. One of the platforms he’s pushing is how to make college tuition easier for middle class families to afford. “Two years ago, I would hear about this occasionally. Now, I hear about it at nearly every town hall I go to,” Warner told “Where people are saying, ‘my kid can’t find a job, he’s in debt, what do I do?’ I think we need to wrestle this issue.”…One of the ideas Warner is proposing would be allowing graduates to apply part of their salary directly to their loan, pre-tax.”

Roanoke Times: Warner stops at Virginia Western to talk college affordability [09/04/2014]
“A statewide tour calling attention to student loan debt brought U.S. Sen. Mark Warner to Roanoke Thursday to a college focused on affordability…..Warner said he also wants to see income-based repayment of student loans, employer assisted debt repayment, where employers could help employees repay loans with pre-tax dollars, and more transparency about the financial return on borrowing for colleges.For the latter he envisioned a website that’s easy to use (think Zillow, the real estate site, or Expedia for travel accommodations) where students can easily research colleges, careers and finances before they enroll.”

WCAV Newsplex: Sen. Warner, Students Try To Tackle Student Debt [09/03/2014]
“Armed with notepads and smart phones students packed into UVa.’s O’Hill Wednesday afternoon to speak with Senator Mark Warner about ways to tackle the nation’s growing student debt. “In America in 2014 you shouldn’t go broke if you go to college,” said Sen. Warner…Warner said student debt is the issues he hears most frequently around the Commonwealth, and that it will take bi-partisan participation to drive down the debt.”

Daily Progress: At UVa, Warner talks proposals for dealing with student debt burden [09/03/2014]
“In the latest of a string of stops at campuses across the state, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner on Wednesday pitched proposals to ease student debt. The former governor spoke to about 100 students at the University of Virginia, where tuition has been a hot topic both on Grounds and on the school’s Board of Visitors… “We need to change our way in thinking” about higher education, the senator said. Starting in middle schools, Warner said, society needs to drill in students’ minds that vocational and technical schools are acceptable alternatives to four-year universities. He also proposes allowing high school students to complete a semester of college courses using income-based Pell Grants and avoiding university prices.”

WWBT (NBC) – Richmond, VA, 09/02/2014 at 11PM


“Warner hopes to help alleviate some of this debt, by making some changes. for example, under his proposal, federal student loan payments would be automatically adjusted based on income- so students could pay money back with more manageable payments. He also hopes to create a system where employers can help with debt repayment using pre-tax dollars and create a website that shows students their earning potential in a given field, before committing to take on that debt.”

Virginian Pilot: ODU students speak out to Warner about college debt [09/03/2014]
“Warner kicked off a three-day swing through college campuses across the state to talk about student debt, one of the issues he’s making part of his re-election campaign…Warner touted several bills that he’s co-sponsored with other senators, including Republicans, that include measures to lower monthly loan payments, offer employers a tax benefit for helping pay off employees’ debt and require that more information be available to students before they go to college about the total costs, university graduation rates, and job prospects for majors. “We need to think a little bit more radically about college education,” said Warner, who spoke laterTuesday at the College of William & Mary and Virginia State University. “Why can’t we let you jump-start college while you’re in high school?… If you can knock off a year before you start college, that’s the equivalent of $15,000.”

WDBJ: Warner touts college affordability plan on campaign swing [09/04/2014]
Lowering the cost of a college education is something Senator Mark Warner wants to achieve through Congress. Warner made stops at several schools in our region today, to share his “College Affordability and Student Debt Plan.” He wants students who take college classes in high school to have access to federal Pell grants. For students who take out loans to pay for their education, Warner wants them to have more options for paying the money back.

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