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Senator Warner’s Work with the Northern Virginia Technology Council to Help Fix V-A Problems Receives Wide Coverage

Yesterday, Senator Mark Warner and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) announced that the NVTC has been selected to assess and to help fix the Department of Veterans Affairs’ data problems that have resulted in unacceptably long wait times for veterans’ health care. The NVTC’s pro-bono work was authorized through Senator Warner’s IT “SWAT” team proposal recently passed in the V-A reform bill.

Please see below for coverage:

Northern Virginia tech council to help VA hospitals fix scheduling system [Richmond Times Dispatch, 9/16/2014]
“The Northern Virginia Technology Council will offer free help to the VA by examining the troubled health care system’s scheduling system and suggesting improvements. The move was announced by the tech council and Sen. Mark R. Warner, D-Va. This summer Congress passed a Warner-sponsored bill that required the VA to seek help from the private sector to improve its technology systems.”

Northern Virginia Technology Council members to analyze processes at veterans medical facilities [Virginia Business, 9/16/2014]
“The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) has been selected to propose improvements for the scheduling processes and systems at Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities….Virginia Sen. Mark R. Warner announced the project Tuesday. The initiative was included in recent legislation to reform the VA.”

Virginia technology group to assess “broken” VA scheduling process [Daily Press, 9/16/2014]
“The Northern Virginia Technology Council offer arose following an audit that revealed VA staff had falsified scheduling records causing patients to go untreated and unseen for long periods. Harsh criticism about the department’s failures and lazy culture led to the resignation of its secretary and new federal legislation overhauling the entire system….The effort was pushed by Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, who called the task force in to tackle mismanagement at Arlington National Cemetery in 2011.”

Northern Virginia Technology Council selected to fix V-A scheduling system [Roanoke Free Press, 9/16/2014]
“Sen. Warner began working on this pro-bono solution earlier this year following revelations that veterans were experiencing unacceptable delays in treatment at V-A medical centers. Since the legislation’s passage, NVTC and Sen. Warner have been working with the V-A to design a plan for a team of NVTC member companies to evaluate the V-A’s processes and systems and recommend improvements. With an agreement finalized, the NVTC team will begin the assessment project this week.”

VA accepts contractors’ offer of help with scheduling [FCW- The Business of Federal Technology, 9/16/2014]
“The effort had been long sought by the Northern Virginia Technology Council, and backed by Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), who wrote to President Barack Obama in June requesting private sector pro bono input on scheduling, based on an earlier effort spurred by the NVTC to improve management of Arlington National Cemetery. An agreement is in place for a team with participation from Booz Allen Hamilton, HP, IBM, MITRE Corporation and SAIC to begin an assessment of the scheduling system in accordance with the law. The review is due fairly quickly — within 45 days of the law’s Aug. 7 enactment, according to legislative language.”

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