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Statement on Virginia Bar Association Debate

Mark Warner for Virginia campaign manager Trey Nix issued the following statement after the Virginia Bar Association senatorial debate today:

“Senator Warner was the clear winner in today’s debate. On every issue, Senator Warner spoke about his track record of working across the aisle to find commonsense solutions and his plans for implementing policies that ensure that all Virginians get a fair shot. Senator Warner was the only candidate on stage today who provided substantive policy solutions. He laid out a plan for creating jobs and growing our economy, and for comprehensive immigration reform. He was the only candidate with a real plan to fix the Affordable Care Act and a plan to get our federal debt and deficit under control.

“Ed Gillespie debated the same way he has campaigned: evasively and without substance. On issue after issue, Gillespie ducked and dodged, giving sound bites not solutions. Ed Gillespie has spent his career as a multi-million dollar lobbyist for corporations like Enron and has called himself a “partisan warrior.” Because he can’t run on his record, he spent the debate launching baseless partisan attacks at Senator Warner. The last thing the Commonwealth needs is someone who will cater to special interest and add to the partisan gridlock in Washington. Virginians want a problem solver, not a partisan warrior. Mark Warner is that candidate.

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