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Why I Support Mark Warner for Senate

I am hopeful for our future. A growing economy that works for everyone, better healthcare, more personalized schools, and a government that works. Part of that hope is a bet on all of us, that we have the capacity to build a better America, together. But an important factor is leadership from Washington to put in place sensible policies that empower us. We need it now more than ever, and are lucky to have it in our senior Senator, Mark Warner.

I am writing to ask for your vote on November 4th to send a resounding message that the leadership we value is the kind that inspires us to come together and solve problems, not to find new and clever ways to pit us against each other. Senator Warner deserves re-election because he will continue to lead our nation down a more prosperous, inclusive path.

It’s the kind of leadership Senator Warner has offered since even before he ran for public office. I came to know him in the 1990s as my colleagues in the Northern Virginia technology sector sought to build tighter relationships and support – connecting experienced entrepreneurs with pioneers who lacked traditional access to venture capital or Wall Street networks. Mark Warner believed in expanding opportunity for everyone and signed up to advise us, nurture us, without seeking anything in return.

His passion for service is infectious. I caught the bug and was honored to have his support as we journeyed together to build a better Virginia.

I understand for many of you this note is simply a reminder of the obvious – that Senator Warner’s strong bipartisan record of delivering real results is widely appreciated by Virginians.

Despite the positive foundation, elections are not won on endorsements or expectations. They are won on the collective actions we take – every call, chat with a neighbor, email and Facebook post to remind our friends not only to vote for Senator Warner, but that election day is November 4th.

If you haven’t already, please commit to vote, volunteer to help turn out your friends and neighbors, and even consider a modest contribution to support the race. Our future depends on it.

Aneesh Chopra

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