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Tackling Student Debt Tour Wraps Up

With student debt in America totaling $1.2 trillion, Senator Warner has been traveling the Commonwealth discussing the need to advance solutions to the student debt crisis.

We started the day off at Virginia Western Community College, where Senator Warner discussed college affordability and his proposal to allow high school students to knock out college credits at a local community college in order to shorten the cost and time it takes to receive a college degree.

The Senator then stopped at Virginia Tech’s beautiful campus to speak with some Hokies about their experience with rising debt. He shared with students some of his commonsense solutions for easing the repayment process – such as allowing post grad employees to opt in to a system with their employer that automatically sends a portion of their paycheck, pre-tax, toward loan repayment.

Since we were on campus, we could not help but to take a visit to Virginia Tech’s football stadium. As governor, Senator Warner helped get Virginia Tech into the ACC and always looks forward to seeing some big Virginia Tech wins this college football season. He made sure to let folks know that he believed the Hokies would crush Ohio State this weekend.

Then the Senator made his way up to George Mason University. Students here expressed concern with the difficult job market mixed with the rising cost of student loans. Senator Warner met with students, including Taylor P., who explained her frustration with the current student loan process.

Senator Warner made sure to emphasize his bipartisan work to reach across the aisle and address these concerns. He noted that while this problem was not going to be fixed overnight, his bills: Go to High School, Go to College Act, Student Right to Know Before You Act, the Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act, and the Employer Participation in Refinance Act could all work together begin to address the student loan crisis.

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