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Virginia Business and Political Leaders Stand in Support of Mark Warner

Please see statements below from a diverse group of Virginia business and political leaders following the release of Ed Gillespie’s latest attack ad against Senator Mark Warner:

“I am no longer shocked by gutter politics and this recent ad against Senator Warner will rank right down there among the worst. This is a smear attack from a desperate candidate who is void of solutions,” said former GOP State Senator and Virginia Senate President John Chichester of Fredericksburg (1978-2008).

“I’ve known Mark Warner for a long time. In all my dealings with Mark Warner I’ve never known him to act in any way other than with the highest regard for honesty and integrity,” said Roanoke Republican business leader Heywood Fralin.

“It is disgraceful for Ed Gillespie to release an ad with these kinds of misleading accusations. These types of desperate campaign tactics are beneath the office that Ed Gillespie is seeking. That is why I have reached across the aisle to endorse Senator Mark Warner for reelection,” said former GOP Delegate Jim Dillard of Fairfax (1972-1977 & 1980-2005).

“I endorsed Mark Warner because he is focused on issues that matter to Virginia families: creating jobs, strengthening the economy, improving education, and keeping our state and nation competitive and strong. That’s what this campaign should be about, and it is regrettable that Ed Gillespie has chosen the low road with these disgusting personal attacks on Mark Warner,” said former GOP State Senator Russ Potts of Winchester (1992-2008).

“I am a lifelong Republican and have always been disappointed in these kinds of vicious attacks from either political party. Mark Warner has always worked across the aisle, both as Governor and Senator, to make Virginia better, and that is why I have chosen to endorse him,” said former GOP State Senator Fred Quayle of Chesapeake (1992-2012).

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