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Virginians are excited to re-elect Senator Warner

I am a student at the University of Virginia and this weekend my friends and I had the opportunity to talk to voters in the Charlottesville area about the importance of re-electing Senator Mark Warner. With just a couple weeks until Election Day, it was a great way to confirm what I already knew – Virginians are excited to re-elect Senator Warner.

Throughout the weekend I had some engaging conversations about issues facing our community, like jobs and student debt, and the solutions that Senator Warner is working towards.

We discussed the fact that Senator Warner is a businessman who focused during his time both as governor and now as senator on advancing policies that support economic growth in the Commonwealth.

We talked about his bipartisan initiative, the STARTUP Act, which focuses on supporting small businesses by reducing unnecessary regulations and reforming our visa system, so that those who receive STEM degrees have the ability to stay in our country and create jobs. And we discussed his efforts to reach across the aisle to find effective solutions to reduce our national deficit, reform student loans and provide all Virginians with a fair shot at success.

This election is really important. There are huge differences between Senator Warner and his opponent. With Senator Warner, Virginia has its best shot at bringing more jobs to the region and providing better opportunities for my generation. That is why I will be knocking on doors in Charlottesville in the days leading up to November 4th.

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Matt W.

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