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Warner Campaign Releases Positive Ad Focused On His Bipartisan Efforts to Reduce National Debt

ALEXANDRIA – Senator Mark R. Warner’s re-election campaign today launched a television ad, “Next Generation,” to emphasize his continued bipartisan efforts to find solutions that reduce our national debt and provide the next generation of Americans with a fair shot at success.

The thirty-second commercial highlights Senator Warner’s commitment to working with both Republicans and Democrats to address our national deficit and put our country on a more fiscally sound path. As Governor, Mark Warner worked with a Republican-led legislature to turn a $6 billion deficit into a surplus while making the largest investment in education in the history of the Commonwealth. After being elected to U.S. Senate after the 2008 recession, Senator Warner created the “Gang of Six”, a group of Republican and Democratic Senators, to propose innovative solutions to cut the national debt and to re-invigorate the economy.

Warner’s positive ad highlighting his bipartisan efforts comes a day after the Gillespie campaign became the first to go negative on television with a misleading attack ad.

“Senator Warner has brought the same bipartisan, solution-oriented attitude that he used in Richmond to the Senate. He is working to ensure that every American gets a fair shot at success and that we do not pass our national debt on to the next generation. As he did when he was Governor, Senator Warner continues to work from the sensible center to advance initiatives that make our economy stronger, create jobs and provide all Virginians with a fair shot,” said Campaign Manager Trey Nix.

The ad will run statewide and will begin airing Wednesday, September 3.

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