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Week in Review

Before we tell you about our past week, we wanted to share an exciting milestone.

This Saturday marks 100 days until the election. Help us celebrate the occasion by coming out and joining our grassroots team this weekend. Click here to connect with a #TeamWarner event near you.

We were honored this week to launch Veterans and Military Families for Warner, a group of military men, women, and families who support Senator Warner because of his steadfast commitment to our veterans and military families. Senator Toddy Puller shared her story as to why she is supporting Senator Warner in the fall.

Click here to read Senator Puller’s story and click here to see the list of Veterans and Military Families for Warner.

Senator Warner continued his commitment to fight for our retired military by meeting this week with the VA Secretary nominee, Robert McDonald. Senator Warner encouraged the VA to expand the College of William and Mary’s Puller Veterans clinic, a program recognized nationally in its success to help reduce disability claim wait times for our veterans.

Read more about the meeting from the Daily Press here.

We also received some good news this week out of Lynchburg: after the train derailment of crude oil earlier this year, the Department of Transportation is moving forward with stricter guidelines, supported by Senator Warner, to better protect our communities during crude oil transport.

Read more about Senator Warner’s work with the DOT to increase safety measures here

As Senator Warner continues to work on issues important to Virginians, be sure to tune in here tomorrow at 11 am, to hear his vision for ensuring all Virginians receive a fair shot as he takes the stage for the first debate of the campaign.

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