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What’s at Stake in This Election

Today, I’m excited. I’m excited because as my team and I have worked to let people know Senator Warner is coming through town for his “Working Together” Tour, the response has been incredible. I’ve been hearing great stories from our staff around the Commonwealth about long-time supporters excited to dust off their campaign shoes and new supporters looking to get involved. They believe in Senator Warner’s approach to finding solutions and overcoming the gridlock in Washington.

Here is what is at stake in this election: We can choose, today, to get to work fighting for a candidate like Mark Warner who we know will stand up for all Virginians. Or we can choose to take this election for granted and risk the possibility that petty games and partisan ideology wins the day. The stakes are too high to take this year off.

Senator Warner has been a problem-solver from Day 1. As Governor, Senator Warner worked with Republicans and Democrats to turn a $6 billion deficit into a $1 billion surplus. Working with members of both parties was how he was able to make the single greatest investment in education in Virginia history.

As your United States Senator, he has continued in that spirit of bipartisanship. Working across the aisle he was a major player in the “Gang of Six,” a bipartisan coalition that has outlined a bipartisan solution to fixing our debt and deficit.

This kick-off is about rallying our supporters, and we need your help. It’s that simple. I hope you will sign up today to volunteer with our campaign and work with us to re-elect a Senator who will work together for all of Virginia.

Trey Nix, Campaign Manager
Mark Warner for Virginia

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