Mark Warner was in the news recently, but not in ways Virginia’s senior U.S. Senator might have expected.

He thought people during the stay-at-home orders of the pandemic needed something more lighthearted, so he posted a short cooking video on Instagram about how he makes a tuna melt.

It was, shall we say, somewhat controversial. (The CNN headline, which is absolutely objective and not biased in anyway: “US senator makes terrible tuna sandwich stuck at home.”) People may not always grasp the finer points of policy but they sure do understand how to make a tuna sandwich and many felt Warner was making his all wrong. Too much mayonnaise. And the wrong kind of mayonnaise — Duke’s vs. Hellman’s is apparently more polarizing that left vs. right and Warner wasn’t using Duke’s. And why in the world do you dump the can of tuna on the bread without draining the can first? If Warner — who is up for re-election later this year —doesn’t win, future historians may point to this Instagram video as the reason why.