With coronavirus cases on the Peninsula seeming to plateau, business, health-care and local government leaders are looking at longer-term ways to continue to fend off COVID-19, they reported in a telephone conference call Tuesday with Sen. Mark Warner.

Warner, meanwhile, worried that over the next few months, Virginians with chronic illnesses will stay away from doctors and hospitals longer than they should. He said he’s going to suggest Gov. Ralph Northam consider letting the state’s current ban on elective treatment at hospitals expire at the end of this week.

And he promised to remind Virginians to get medical care they need, after Riverside Health System president and CEO Bill Downey said reassuring patients could be a near-term problem.

Downey said coronavirus cases seem to have hit a plateau on the Peninsula. State figures show that the total number of confirmed and probable cases here since the virus first hit is about 440, not counting people who have recovered.