Military families and veterans reported several concerns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) during a town hall meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Military housing was once again raised as an issue, including one person who raised concerns over getting private military housing inspected during the pandemic.

“COVID has presented a lot of issues for military housing,” said Katie Beasley, who’s part of an active duty Marine Corps family.

Warner, who has been working to address issues at military housing for years, said his staff would be in touch with her.

“What you say is an obvious problem and what you say is an action item we can get on today,” he said.

Warner is once again pushing for more relief for military families dealing with issues in their housing. “I think we’ve made some incremental progress, but in this year’s Defense Authorization Bill we’re even going further in making sure we can give more power, more accountability,” he said.