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September 12

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Senator optimistic Congress will reach a compromise on gun laws

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – Senator Pat Toomey is among a small group of Senators who met with the President on Wednesday to discuss a path forward on guns. Toomey has pitched a plan to expand background checks during gun sales that he says has Republican support. But Democrats...

September 4

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Tazewell economic development efforts touted by Warner

TAZEWELL, Va. β€” U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, hit on a lot of subjects in a short time during his stop in Tazewell. β€œI can remember coming down Main Street and you could roll a bowling ball down the street and not hit anything,” he said...

August 30

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Warner visited Pennington Gap & Lee County Hospital

PENNINGTON GAP β€” United States Senator Mark Warner visited Pennington Gap yesterday for a town hall meeting and a visit to the hospital site. Sen Warner spoke before a moderate crowd made up of citizens, local leaders, and press inside the Pennington Gap Community Center on Morgan Ave....

August 29

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Flatwood Jobs Corps Site Toured by Sen. Warner

COEBURN, Va. β€” About two months after the federal government changed its plans on the Job Corps program and decided to continue operations at its Flatwoods site, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner toured the facility Thursday. Warner, D-Va., called the idea of shutting down Flatwoods β€œone of the craziest things...

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