Senators pressure social media giants to crack down on “deepfakes”

10.02.19 · CBS News

Washington — Two members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are calling on major tech companies to develop a plan to deal with the proliferation of “deepfakes” on their platforms, according to a letter to the companies obtained by CBS News.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the vice chair of the committee, and Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida will ask 11 companies — including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn — to “develop industry standards for sharing, removing, archiving, and confronting the sharing of synthetic content as soon as possible.”

In the letter, the bipartisan pair — who have partnered in the past to raise awareness about other national security challenges, including those related to the advent of 5G wireless technology — say deepfakes “pose an especially grave threat to the public’s trust in the information it consumes.” “Deepfakes” are video or audio files that have been doctored using sophisticated technology to convincingly depict false or misleading events.

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