Tazewell economic development efforts touted by Warner

09.04.19 · swva today

TAZEWELL, Va. — U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Virginia, hit on a lot of subjects in a short time during his stop in Tazewell.

“I can remember coming down Main Street and you could roll a bowling ball down the street and not hit anything,” he said after riding what he called the tiniest portion of the Back of the Dragon to arrive at the group’s headquarters. “Now all the storefronts are full. There is energy and there are restaurants. A lot of that is due to as Larry was saying, Back of the Dragon is not about him, it is about bringing the whole community together.”

“These kind of jobs can’t be exported. We are not going to see somebody come and buy Back of the Dragon and move it to China.”

Warner said the federal government needs to honor its commitment to coal industry issues. “We need to make sure we do our part. I think that means we make sure the coal companies continue to chip in their full amount on blck lung,” he said.

The senator called for legislation to protect workers from losing pay in bankruptcies.

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