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August 18


Warner: A bipartisan proposal to boost rural America

Warner is a U.S. senator from Virginia. He is a Democrat.   In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the rise of globalization and new technologies dramatically changed our nation’s economy. Small towns once home to thriving factories, plants, and mills saw entire industries disappear along with...

June 12


CNBC OpEd: All the good jobs in America are at risk of going to a handful of cities, but there’s still time to stop it

The truth is, the opportunity to earn a good life through hard work is moving out of reach for too many Americans. As someone who has benefited greatly from our free enterprise system as an entrepreneur, I recognize that modern American capitalism just isn’t working for...

June 1


Sen. Warner OpEd: Here’s how I can help end food deserts

It isn’t rocket science. When you have to ride the bus an hour round-trip just to buy fresh vegetables, you eat fewer fresh vegetables. When the grocery store is a two-mile walk, but the fast food restaurant or corner store that only...

April 25


Bristol Herald Courier OpEd: Their View: Keeping our promise to Virginia’s miners

Standing up for our retired miners and their families has brought coal state Republicans and Democrats together in the past. Now, once again, it’s time for representatives from both parties to put partisanship aside and go to bat for Virginia’s miners — before it’s too late. Earlier...

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