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November 5

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Senators ask how many ISIS prisoners have escaped since Trump cleared way for Turkish military action

WASHINGTON — Senators from both parties are demanding answers from the Trump administration about how many ISIS detainees have escaped from Kurdish-run detention centers in Syria after the president cleared the way for Turkish military action in the region. In a letter Tuesday to Director of National Intelligence Joseph...

November 5

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Google buying Fitbit raises ‘serious concerns,’ says Senator Mark Warner

Tech-savvy Senator Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, came out swinging against Google parent Alphabet’s plan to acquire the health wearables and data company Fitbit. Alphabet may want Fitbit’s technology to extend into the health wearables space. Here’s Warner in a statement to Fast Company Monday afternoon: “Alphabet’s announced acquisition of...

November 1

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Senator Warner Shows the Way Forward on Regulating Social Media

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) has been a leader in thinking through how to apply and extend current law to the technology companies whose dominance in particular businesses has, to put it mildly, been object of significant and growing public concern. His 2018 white paper is a rich source...

October 30

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Sen. Warner forces Senate vote to protect people with preexisting conditions

WASHINGTON — Senator Mark Warner on Wednesday forced the Senate to vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution that would have protected Americans with preexisting conditions. The legislation was rejected with a vote of 52 to 43. Warner said this resolution, which needed 51 votes to pass, would have...

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