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October 8

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Bipartisan senators weigh new laws to block foreign interference in elections on social media

WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a bipartisan report Tuesday calling for Congress to consider new laws designed to prevent foreign interference on social media — the culmination of a two-year investigation into how Russian intelligence agencies sought to manipulate American public opinion in the 2016 election. The report,...

October 4

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Warner demands firm deadline for Ashanti Alert implementation

WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- Once again, Senator Mark Warner wants to know what is holding up the implementation of the federal Ashanti Alert System. He has repeatedly expressed frustration over delays and inaction on the part of the U.S. Department of Justice regarding the system, which was created by...

October 2

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Senators pressure social media giants to crack down on “deepfakes”

Washington — Two members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are calling on major tech companies to develop a plan to deal with the proliferation of "deepfakes" on their platforms, according to a letter to the companies obtained by CBS News. Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, the vice chair...

September 30

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Three big ideas for tech regulation from Senator Mark Warner

Cooperation between the US government and tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter has improved somewhat in recent years, Senator Mark Warner says — but there’s a snowball’s chance in hell they’re going to be able to continue to regulate themselves. “There have never been companies of this size...

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