Sen. Warner fighting to end short-term health insurance plans

10.25.19 · The Northern Virginia Daily

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., spoke on the Senate floor Wednesday about a Warren County woman named Linda who survived cancer but found herself in dire straits when she lost her health coverage in 2008.

Men and women like Linda who have preexisting conditions are often locked out of affordable health care, Warner said.

The senator is aiming at short-term, high deductible plans that he referred to as “junk plans” that people with preexisting conditions will qualify for but often find don’t deliver as promised. These plans, Warner said, are advertised as low-cost but when patients end up in doctors’ offices and emergency rooms, they find out their preexisting conditions are not covered.

The Northern Virginia Daily attempted to reach out to the Department of Health and Social Services in Shenandoah County to learn more about local short-term health care plans but did not receive a response on Friday.

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