On the Issues

Energy and Environment

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the largest threats to our health, economy, and national security. Sen. Warner has worked in the Senate to address this growing danger, supporting legislation like the Clean Economy Act, which sets a 2050 goal for net-zero carbon emissions, and has broad support from labor, environmental, and public health groups. 

Investments in Renewable Energy

Sen. Warner supports investing in clean, renewable sources of energy, including wind and solar. During his time in the Senate, he pushed for investment in offshore wind projects along Virginia’s coasts, some of which were approved by the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2014. Virginia is ripe with opportunities for offshore wind — not only because of its ideal geography, but because the Commonwealth houses the capability and technical expertise to supply the parts needed to push these projects forward. Clean energy not only benefits our environment, it provides good jobs for hardworking Virginians.

National Parks & Public Lands 

Last year, Sen. Warner introduced the Restore Our Parks Act (ROPA), to address deferred maintenance in our National Parks. Nationwide, there’s a nearly $12 billion maintenance backlog in our parks, and more than $1 billion is in Virginia alone. ROPA would address that backlog and provide 10,000 jobs in Virginia and 100,000 jobs across the country. 

Sen. Warner is also working with a bi-partisan group of Senators to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). This fund was established in 1964 to protect our country’s natural beauty, water resources, and preserve cultural heritage sites like Virginia’s Richmond National Battlefield Park.

Offshore Drilling

Communities up and down Virginia’s coast have made clear that offshore drilling poses a threat to their communities. When the Trump administration announced their offshore drilling plan, Sen. Warner rushed to bring together his colleagues from both sides of the aisle to oppose any new drilling. Drilling off Virginia’s eastern shore would be disruptive to the fragile natural ecosystem, threaten important Naval operations, stymy the work of NASA at Wallops Island, and cause outdoor recreation and aquaculture to suffer. Sen. Warner will continue to stand up against expanded drilling proposals in the Senate to protect Virginia’s natural beauty and outdoor tourism industries.